visual Story telling

Team Project

My Role : Story frame drafting,  Footage making 


Our Hero

Tile is a portable bluetooth key finder which enables user to find their lost thing through Tile and its accompanied App.

Our mission is to build a visual story to highlight the key moment and tensions through user's journey map  which help convince the potential customers.


time end.png

Understand the Product


Experience the product

To understand the product better, we chose to experience the product as a user.



Key Moments

After conducting research on its benchmarks and experiencing the product,   three key moments have been identified which would be highlighted in our story. 

The three moments are " Lost", "Found by other users",  "Reunion".



Build the Story

Consider the unique value that tile is trying to bring to its users is " Support" from the community.

The smallest community is family which inspired us to tell the story in a more bedtime story style. 

To achieve this goal,  elf and goblin were introduced into the story.

To build connection between elf and tile, I made the elf look like tile.  

And I draw out the footage based on our story frame.


Although more than 50 footages had been drawn included failed drawings,  we only picked about 20 footages to make our story more attractive and tight after several group discussion .


After tracing  pictures  in Illustrator, I colored them in Photoshop CC


My teammate animated footages and voiceover the story by his attractive voice which your ear would love !


enjoy the Show!