Haircut - design Research

Team Project

My Role (Team) : Design Researcher

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A little about my hair


I always struggle to find  hairstylist which can offer me a haircut which can keep the shape after wash without extra treatments.

I have kept this hair style for more than 5 years becauseI want to minimize the damage to my hair during cut.

Cutting Hair  is always a not  delightful experience to me. 


After talking with several woman, I found I am not alone.

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Interview & Shadowing

We conducted interview with hair salon owners and hairstylists from three different local hair salons and also observed the interaction between customers and hairstylists. 

We also talked with customers after they just finished their hair.

We learned their understanding of a good hair cut and their feeling and concerns of their new hair cut. 


                                      J-Antou, Evanston


Ergo, Evanston

Art + Science, Evanston

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 increase client satisfaction with the result of her hair

Are you satisfied with your hair cut each time