AirPlane Wheelchair design

Team Project

My Role  : Idea Generation, Sketching, (Partial) CAD model Building, Prototype Manufacturing, Business Analysis

NO flIGHT.png

"I rarely take flights over 6 hours include the check in time.



Otherwise,I have to carry the catheter bag."

                               - User's Quote


customer's Main Concerns


Based on FAA regulations

footrest, armrest,restrain, 

backrest, handle

and wheel locks


Maximize width                          

Integrated with existing seat

 Less time needed for transfering

Accessibility to Lavatory 


Design and Build

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 16.25.05.png

C-Shape Structure 

To enable the wheelchair to be integrated on the current airplane seat skeleton and move freely in narrow aisle, the wheelchair with a C-shape structure has been generated .


The dimension of the C-shape structure which was manufactured by aluminum tubes.

chair model.png

CAD Model Building

After finalizing the design strategy, the CAD model has been built and rendered in Solid Works.


Animation Demonstration 


The dimension of the seat in the video is based on  the actual  airplane seat dimension in real world.



By applying different manufacturing method and constantly revising the manufacturing plan for small tolerance, we finally built a functional real-size wheelchair by 3D printing, Laser cutting and Mechanical Manufacturing method. 


Final Demonstration

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 16.26.25.png

What I learnt

Always considering the tolerance before manufacturing

Getting feedback from various sources

Always making sure every team member is on the same page which is extremely important for large team


Side Project


My Role: Design, CAD model built,  Manufacturing


Build a real size toilet

To demonstrate our design better in using scenario, I built a real size toilet by using  Slicer for Fusion 360 and laser cutting on the cardboard